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AVR-Ada 1.2.2 RPMs for Fedora 20

As a small Christmas gift, AVR-Ada 1.2.2 RPMs for Fedora 20 (i386 and x86_64) are now available in my fedora.ada-language.com repository.

Like always, create file /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-adalanguage.repo with contents:

name=Tero's Fedora RPM repository for Ada packages

And run:

sudo yum install avr-gnat avr-ada-lib --nogpgcheck


  • The used GCC version is still 4.7.2. Fedora 20 ships with avr-gcc 4.8.x, but AVR-Ada is tested mainly with 4.7.x.
  • As before, the packaging is done by using gnat 4.7 binaries from Fedora 18.
  • The release contains two of my patches, which are not in the official AVR-Ada 1.2.2 release.
    • The first patch reverts AVR.UART behaviour back to AVR-Ada 1.2 (=interrupt mode also works)
    • The second patch fixes linking errors with libavrada.a, so that all boards get correct CPU frequencies and other code.
  • The RPMs are unofficial in every possible way and they are not endorsed by Fedora or AVR-Ada projects.
  • This time I was bit in a hurry, so they are not tested as well as before. If there are bugs, complain to me (tero.koskinen@iki.fi).

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