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Using Arduino with Ada

Driving Neopixel LEDs using only Ada

Inspired by my earlier delay experiments and its followup discussion on AVR-Ada mailinglist, I decided to put my delay functions in good use.

Neopixel RGB LEDs require exact timing and people usually use AVR assembler code to get the timing right. However, I wanted to see can I do it …


Using AVR-Ada with attiny2313

Required parts:

AVR-Ada is not only meant for Arduinos and other boards which use atmega series processors, but it can be also used with attiny processors.

I assembled a minimal attiny2313 setup on a breadboard so …


Blinking LED


Blinking the built-in led is one of the simplest things we can do on Arduino, so it serves as a nice starting point.

The built-in led is connected to digital pin 13 in Arduino way of naming. AVR-Ada itself does not support Arduino naming convention, but instead uses standard …


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