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Using Arduino with Ada

AVR-Ada gets teensy 2.0, teensy++ 2.0, Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Micro support

I just pushed initial support for atmega32u4 and improved support for at90usb1286 MCUs to AVR-Ada repository. This means you can now use AVR-Ada with your teensy and Arduino Leonardo devices.

Teensy 2.0, Arduino Leonardo, and Arduino Micro devices have atmega32u4 processor and teensy++ 2.0 has at90usb1286 processor. These …


Attiny4313 and I2C master using USI

Getting I2C working with attiny processors has been yet another long-time project of me. It has been stuck mostly because I haven't had time to create attiny4313 board with I2C chip on it.

But finally, I managed to create one:

The attiny2313 board, where I put all the stuff, comes …


Attiny4313 support in AVR-Ada

A short note that I just pushed support for attiny4313 processor to AVR-Ada repository. I am not sure does that make into AVR-Ada 1.2.x release, but most likely it will be in AVR-Ada 1.2.x+1 or 1.3.x release.

In theory, support for attiny4313 should …


Using AVR-Ada with attiny2313

Required parts:

AVR-Ada is not only meant for Arduinos and other boards which use atmega series processors, but it can be also used with attiny processors.

I assembled a minimal attiny2313 setup on a breadboard so …


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