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Attiny4313 and I2C master using USI

Getting I2C working with attiny processors has been yet another long-time project of me. It has been stuck mostly because I haven't had time to create attiny4313 board with I2C chip on it.

But finally, I managed to create one:

The attiny2313 board, where I put all the stuff, comes …


Counting seconds with attiny4313

AVR-Ada includes AVR.Real_Time package and separate AVR.Real_Time.Clock function, whose job is to return the current time. On Arduino, the current time means seconds from the device bootup, in other words it tells you how long the device has been on.

Relevant code is following

with …

Attiny4313 support in AVR-Ada

A short note that I just pushed support for attiny4313 processor to AVR-Ada repository. I am not sure does that make into AVR-Ada 1.2.x release, but most likely it will be in AVR-Ada 1.2.x+1 or 1.3.x release.

In theory, support for attiny4313 should …


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