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AVR-Ada package for Debian Wheezy (7.x) on Raspberry Pi 1

As earlier for Ubuntu, I used the same quick-and-dirty package creation method and created AVR-Ada package for Raspberry Pi 1 running Debian Wheezy.

You can get the package from rpi1.ada-language.com by adding line:

deb http://rpi1.ada-language.com/wheezy ./

to your /etc/apt/sources.list file and running:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install avr-ada

The package is not signed, so you need to say Yes ('y') when apt-get asks about the installation of the package.

The installed binaries go to /usr/local/avr-ada-122 directory.

The build script can be found from https://hg.sr.ht/~tkoskine/avr-ada-build-script (branch raspberry-pi-wheezy).

Once the build script has compiled and installed avr-gcc and AVR-Ada, you can package the results with fpm:

fpm -s dir -t deb -n avr-ada -v 1.2.2 /usr/local/avr-ada-122

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