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Saving power with AVR-Ada, part 2: power down mode and watchdog

After my previous article, Olimex people pointed out that their Olimexino-328 board is able to use much less than 4mA if powered through the battery connector.

So, I went and tested their claims and they were correct, indeed. When running Olimexino-328 at 3.3V using battery connector, power down mode ...


Saving power with AVR-Ada

As I got my INA219 sensor working, the next logical step was to actually find out how you can save some power with Arduinos.

Sparkfun provides a nice article about the subject and atmega328p datasheet is also an useful information source.

To save power, I basically did following things:

  1. Turned ...

Measuring current with INA219 sensor

To optimize the power usage of my Arduino devices, I first needed to measure the power usage.

I could have done it traditionally with multimeter, but then I found Adafruit's INA219 sensor breakout board.

Adafruit also has nice tutorial for the sensor (which I actually bought from oomlout.co ...


Attiny4313 and I2C master using USI

Getting I2C working with attiny processors has been yet another long-time project of me. It has been stuck mostly because I haven't had time to create attiny4313 board with I2C chip on it.

But finally, I managed to create one:

The attiny2313 board, where I put all the stuff ...


Alarm Clock using Arduino, DS1307, buzzer, and LCD

Writing this article took somewhat longer than usual, since the scope expanded on the way. Originally, I planned to only show how to use a buzzer, but then I decided to add a DS1307 real-time clock chip to it. And of course, you need a LCD display for showing the ...


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